Mon, 24th May 2010 | Bluehound

Mousie Brown - a shortish story

On entering the room she admired the man's physique, he was so powerful and strong yet supple and flexible; she crossed the floor to meet him. Mrs Brown always wore a disguise when she met her three men, a different wig and a different name for each. The one she was meeting now thought she was a blonde named Lucy. It was so liberating to be someone else, even for a short while and she had become addicted to the thrill of it. Besides her...


Sun, 07th Sep 2014 | Talisman

Granny Summers Was A Psychic Flasher

Granny Summers was a psychic flasher She'd read your palm, whilst stood in the nip If you're into the flesh of a pensioner It really is well worth the trip - She'll make a prediction about your future With one leg behind her head You'll get a glimpse of her 'all seeing eye' It's certainly an experience, it has to be said - Cross her palm with silver And she'll cross yours with her...


Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 | Admin

March Competition with Prize Money

With the little bit of buzz created by your goodselves, (the authors of noddleit.com and originalshorts.com) March's Competion will carry a prize fund of £100 (minimum) This will be broken down as follows £25 for the post with the most nods £25 for the post with the most tweets £25 for the post with the most facebook...


Sun, 11th Apr 2010 | Hoodie


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Torquay A town of wonderful contradictions. The natural beauty of the Bay and the glamour of the private yachts and cafe bars sit alongside a town thats a slave to its location....


Mon, 21st Mar 2011 | TheNarrator

End of the World Competition

Greetings ink slingers, wordsmiths and story seekers. Since the dawn of man story telling has brought us together and defined us through our mighty imaginations. Embracing the power to make us weep, laugh, contemplate or send a chill up the...


Mon, 04th Oct 2010 | Susie

The test

I got quite nervous when I found out I had to take part in a test. What if I got it wrong? Would I get paid to help? Would I have to pay to help? I only had £10 in my pocket! I haven't...


Tue, 03rd Feb 2009 | pjhoppy

Political Poetry...

We are in an economic downturn, and things are looking bleak, revenues are declining, and sales are past their peak. People are losing jobs, the...



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