Mon, 26th Jul 2010 | NightShift

I wonder if he sleeps

I wonder if he sleeps? The man now in the den. I wonder if he sleeps? The man at number ten. I wonder if he hears? Whilst in his bed he lies. The soldiers silent tears and muted battle cries. I wonder if he sleeps? Whilst in his new found home. Whilst soldier dare not sleep, in Afghans danger zone. I wonder if he hears? The widows broken heart. The mothers nightly prayers, The families torn apart. I wonder if he cares? When...


Mon, 12th Nov 2012 | CTaylor

"Mum, I was invited to...

"Mum, I was invited to Sally's party". Mum "yes I know love but I was not too sure you wanted to go". "yes but I was invited I have to go". "okay then chicken you best go to town and buy your outfit, its 70s-80s night". "yeah alright then muma". Back from town- "I really couldn't make up my mind, they didn't really have much there", "ohh but you got something, how much?". "yea jeez mum course I...


Sun, 29th Mar 2015 | Talisman

It's A Shame

My world is falling around me Faster than the tears The constant barrage Relentless Beaten into numb submission No silver lining in sight Only dark clouds of precipitation No more teeth for life to kick Only bleeding gums Dead inside But still smiling The reflection A corroded self - It's a shame


Mon, 21st Mar 2011 | TheNarrator

End of the World Competition

Greetings ink slingers, wordsmiths and story seekers. Since the dawn of man story telling has brought us together and defined us through our mighty imaginations. Embracing the power to make us weep, laugh, contemplate or send a chill up the spine, and we have honed this skill to masterful...


Sun, 11th Apr 2010 | Hoodie


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Torquay A town of wonderful contradictions. The natural beauty of the Bay and the glamour of the private yachts and cafe bars...


Thu, 23rd Feb 2012 | Admin

March Competition with Prize Money

With the little bit of buzz created by your goodselves, (the authors of noddleit.com and originalshorts.com) March's Competion will carry a prize fund of £100 (minimum) This will be broken...


Mon, 05th Jul 2010 | Bluehound

Swinging for Beginners - a short story

It wasn't that Maddie and Scott were bored with each other; they were just an adventurous couple that wanted to try everything at least...



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