Sun, 11th Apr 2010 | Hoodie


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Torquay A town of wonderful contradictions. The natural beauty of the Bay and the glamour of the private yachts and cafe bars sit alongside a town thats a slave to its location. A holiday destination, needing to meet the demands the paying public place on it but also meet its responsibilities to its local population. ...


Tue, 17th May 2011 | Talisman

Whatever Happened To The Girl From Grange Hill That Used To Say, "Roland"..?

Whatever Happened To The Girl From Grange Hill That Used To Say, Roland'' ? It's a question that's been on my mind for a while now. That's all.


Mon, 12th Nov 2012 | CTaylor

"Mum, I was invited to...

"Mum, I was invited to Sally's party". Mum "yes I know love but I was not too sure you wanted to go". "yes but I was invited I have to go". "okay then chicken you best go to town and buy your outfit, its 70s-80s night". "yeah alright then muma". Back from town- "I really couldn't make up my mind, they didn't really have much there", "ohh but you...


Mon, 26th Jul 2010 | NightShift

I wonder if he sleeps

I wonder if he sleeps? The man now in the den. I wonder if he sleeps? The man at number ten. I wonder if he hears? Whilst in his bed he lies. The soldiers silent tears and muted battle cries. I wonder if he sleeps? Whilst in his new found home. Whilst soldier dare not sleep, in Afghans...


Wed, 28th Mar 2012 | Bluehound

See you in 12 months (the best year of my life)

DEC 31st 2012 Text from Shelias Mob. Happy New Year! Im so excited - This is going to be the best year of my life ' see you in 12 months xxx JANUARY Postcard from The Galapagos Islands Dearest Ginny, Well, we have made it! I can hardly...


Mon, 21st Mar 2011 | TheNarrator

End of the World Competition

Greetings ink slingers, wordsmiths and story seekers. Since the dawn of man story telling has brought us together and defined us through our mighty imaginations. Embracing the power to make us...


Mon, 20th Sep 2010 | Susie

In The Stores

I hated it, hated every second. Working nights, stacking shelves, back and forth, grab the items from the stores, pile them high for the next days...



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